Touchless Touch 1.4

  • Categoría: Screen Tools
  • Licencia: Shareware
  • Tamaño: 105.56 KB
  • Sistema: wXP Vista w7 w8
  • Idiomas:

Extend the image on your screen further than the screen permits.

Under the name of Touchless Touch, you'll find a curious application that allows you to extend the image shown on the monitor of your computer beyond the boundaries of your screen.

After downloading and installing Touchless Touch on your PC, you can convert any flat surface on your PC screen. Touchless Touch extends the projected image on your screen wherever you indicate and you can make it as big as you want.

Just by moving a finger it offers, in large screen format, an interactive whiteboard where you can create stunning video walls or project your photos or videos on any wall or building. The only requirement you need to work with Touchless Touch is to have the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 or an OpenNI compatible sensor.


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